Bringing Family and Friends Together in the Moment

In recent weeks, many have become familiar with video calling and virtual meetings. Your Life Moments uses the same technology, broadcasting live events in real time. Friends and family can participate on their computers, tablets and cell phones. The invitation to the webcast is provided through a link on the dedicated memorial page that we produce for each event. (sample here)

Our productions are different, however. A technician normally is on site as we webcast, and we are able to remote production managers to enhance the production, to assure security and to improve quality. Our productions cannot be “bombed” and the individual users’ data is secure from phishing and other actions that have become more commonplace as we practice social distancing and the use of virtual meeting technology has improved.

We incorporate photos, memorial programs and other traditional aspects of a memorial service. We also offer multiple cameras, simultaneous streaming on Facebook and YouTube (on request).