Severe limits have been imposed on funeral services as a result of the Covid 19 outbreak. Gatherings are limited and many places of burial or entombment, funeral homes and houses of worship have imposed even stricter limits. In many cases, travel is

Live streaming permits families and friends to celebrate the life of a loved. The livestream broadcast is published to a dedicated memorial page, where friends and family may publish an obituary, biography and reminiscences, photos and videos. Our services give families and friends the opportunity to create a meaningful farewell tribute that remains.

Graveside funerals and services that occur outside of a funeral home, such as a memorial service in a church or school, present a challenge for traditional streaming systems. Most funeral homes rely on fixed equipment in the funeral home.

Your Life Moments has invested in flexible and portable equipment that uses cellular technology to bring the non-traditional service to friends and family members. We also provide services in funeral homes that have not been set to offer streaming services.

Our approach is not different from do-it-yourself web conferences. We use livestream broadcast equipment engineered for remote sites and stream directly to a dedicated webpage that allows families to create a permanent tribute to their loved ones.

Remote Streaming Services

Your Life Moments Live uses state-of-the-art equipment engineered specifically for livestreaming from remote locations, including outdoor events, churches or auditoriums. We are able to set up our equipment in minutes and carry live broadcasts from difficult environments.

We livestream traditional graveside funeral services, funeral masses, funeral services from church, any location with reliable cellular phone service.

Your Life Moments allows families to come to terms with their loss and honor the lives of their loved one.